Your 3 Step Guide To A Flawless Concealer Application

We all know the struggle of purchasing a concealer that has been hyped up to the max, only to be totally disappointed with the formula once we get our hands on it.

Concealers are actually quite a personal product because we are all unique and are looking to cover up different imperfections.

One thing we all have in common though is wanting a formula that is just right.

Ideal consistency, perfect shade, easy to blend and most importantly, one that won’t crease and will stay put all day!

Under-eye concealer application can be especially tricky, but we’ve made it simple with these 3 easy steps.

We’ll be using our creamy Illuminating on-the-go Flawless concealer for this step by step because you deserve flawless results!

Step 1: Prime

Don’t even think about applying your under eye concealer without hydrating and prepping your delicate under-eye area first!

Smooth on an all natural eye-cream (we prefer a Cream over a gel to prevent flaking) and use your ring fingers to gently pat into your skin until fully absorbed.

Hydration is key for a silky smooth application and tapping the area will help to wake up your eyes by gently de-puffing and brightening.

Step 2: Apply and Blend

Apply a generous layer of our creamy concealer using the wand provided, sweeping it right from the inner corners and out, just past the outer corner of the eye.

Use a damp beauty blender to gently pat the product into your skin until fully blended.

Now go in a second time, this time applying a layer just to the dark area under your eyes. Blend and wait a minute or two before your final step.

Step 3: Set

Some girls like to “bake” their concealer by applying a generous layer of powder, finishing the rest of their makeup while the powder sets, then sweep it away at the end for a truly flawless finish.

However, not everyone has time for this and as long as you’re doing it correctly and using our all natural, hydrating and antioxidant-rich skin care makeup then you can’t go wrong.

Simply press a small powder brush into our pressed powder and gently dab under the eyes to set your concealer and enjoy skin that is insta worthy, no filter needed!

We hope you enjoyed this guide to a perfect under-eye concealer application.

Our concealer is formulated with a signature blend of antioxidant nutrients to treat your skin all day long!