Our philosophy is simple...

Clean Beauty, Luxury Performance

We paid attention to everything your looking for, from smooth applications to long-wear formulations to feeling like your skin can breathe; we listened and made it happen! Every beauty lover should have the luxury of enjoying healthy, plant-based cosmetics, without having to compromise on quality or performance.


Conscientious commitment to quality and high performance formulas are what make SAINT Cosmetics a top favorite among beauty lovers and industry professionals. We've spent years on research to bring non toxic and high performance makeup, in long-wear formulas, made with healthy, plant-based ingredients. We don't compromise on standards so you won't have to compromise on quality or performance.

women Supporting Women

Our passion for supporting women runs deep. Not only do we wish to help women look their best on the outside, but to feel their best on the inside. By purchasing our products, you are helping too. With each purchase of SAINT Cosmetics, 2% goes to helping abused women and children locally at Interval House here in Canada.

"We don't compromise on standards

so you won't have to compromise on quality and performance."

joanna montesano

Founder & CEO

Starting my own cosmetics line was the next natural step in a life filled with vibrant colour and family traditions that have now been brought to life through my non-toxic makeup company.

I have always known a holistic approach to beauty, treating the internal and external body as one connected part. My grandmother taught me the beautiful and absolutely essential ritual of self care, self nurturing and healing oneself with ingredients straight from Mother Earth, using plants and natural ingredients to not only improve skin, but to boost health too.

I took the knowledge I had gleaned through my upbringing and I combined all these personal, powerful lessons and set out to create an innovative beauty experience without compromising health or product performance.

My goal was to create quality, driven products that are luxurious, yet without the nasty toxins. Products that beauty aficionados are excited to reach for, leave the skin glowing and gorgeous, infused with powerful antioxidants that work their magic all day long and are ideal for even the most sensitive skinned individuals like myself.

Whether it’s due to improving your complexion, boosting your confidence or empowering makeup lovers to push their own limits and venture out of their comfort zones, SAINT’s skin care makeup formulations are a new generation of clean cosmetics that offers flawless results thanks to its proprietary formulations.

With SAINT you can enjoy a life of glamour without ever compromising on your health or the health of your skin.

If you’ve spent ages looking for a non-toxic brand that actually provides the results you are after, then we are so happy you find yourself here!


Have you always been passionate about makeup and beauty?

Yes! In fact, it was that passion that led me to create SAINT Cosmetics. And it's passion that keeps me motivated and inspired to continue to create and introduce new high performing products to the line.

What do you want in a makeup product?

I want makeup that enhances my natural appearance and that is lightweight on the skin. I want it to stay put all day while easily transitioning from daytime to nighttime. I want it to fit in with my busy lifestyle as a traveler, business woman, and lover of social events. Above all, I want my makeup to look glamorous without compromising any standards.

What is your personal experience with natural living?

I have sensitivities to artificial fragrance ingredients and certain foods, so I strive to be conscious of everything I eat and use. By partaking of clean, organic foods and regular exercise, and using safer household and personal care products, I enjoy a feeling of balanced energy and vitality, and a sense of control over my health.